Taal Fest

Taal Institute of Music and Fine Aarts turned the dreams of our students into reality by hosting a Grand Musical Extravaganza – Taal Fest. It was held in October 2009, and it is a precursor to many such events, we plan to hold in the future.

The aim of Taal Institute of Music and Fine Aarts is to help our students gain confidence by showing their talent on stage. Hence, a big musical and dance night was hosted where our student dancers and singers got their very own exposure to limelight.

The program began by honoring Ustad Faiyaz Khan, a highly acclaimed Hindustani vocalist and Sarangi maestro, for his immense contribution to the field of Indian music. Then began the stupendous and foot-tapping performances of our students, all of different age groups but whose enthusiasm was unmatched on this night. It reflected in the wonderful music and dance act, they displayed.

Taal Fest was a huge success and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the participants, their parents in the audience and the distinguished guests.

Do see the video snippets and the photographs of the event. All the students of Taal Institute of Music and Fine Aarts can expect such stage events to be held every year, and we look forward to the great patronage and guidance of our parents in helping us reach greater heights at Taal Institute of Music and Fine Aarts.

Live Performance