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Taal Institute Of Music and Fine Arts is an esteemed organization that focuses solely on implanting the values of music in future talents. The knowledge of music has been adopted for more than 60 years. We are totally taking the leverage of digital means to spread knowledge across the globe and are among top music schools in india. Taal has been assembled with the blessings of our spiritual guru Pandit Shrikanji Sharma ‘Balvyas’.

We aim to spread the knowledge and skill of music around the world via the internet so that everyone has an access to learning. We are currently running at full capacity and have dedicated musicians and trainers who are committed to enhancing the knowledge of music among the students and helping them understand and grow their talent by all possible means. We offer various genres of vocal and instrumental courses from which the students can select where their best interest holds.

Focusing solely on quality learning and the best services, we do not compromise anything when it comes to our students and learning. Students across the globe are getting the best education possible, all thanks to digitalization. Countries like Switzerland, Canada, Europe, etc., are enthusiastic about learning music, and Taal Institute provides the best knowledge and can be considered as the best music university in india. Music for us is everything, and we provide skilling and talent enhancement in all the fields like Instrument, vocal, classical dances, etc.

Pandit Badri Maharaj Ji was a famous musician born in the year 1926. Maharaj Ji was the lead tabla player for various famous songs in the Indian film industry. Pandit Ravinath Mishra Ji, a proud son of Pandit Badri Maharaj Ji, is consistently working towards augmented students across the nation and abroad to develop tabla skills. He has been invited to numerous universities, fests, and international fests in countries like Germany, Berlin, Italy, Switzerland, London, Canada, Egypt, etc. in collaboration with the Govt. of India to spread the knowledge and skills of tabla.

Taal Institute of Music and Fine Arts is the fruit of the tree that Mr. Manish and his wife Mrs. Kajol sowed in the year 2009 when they founded this music institute in Bangalore and took it on an international level. Mr. Manish is an experienced and accomplished singer, which he inherited from his father (Pandit Ravinath Mishra Ji) and grandfather (Pandit Badri Maharaj Ji) and belongs to the renowned classical Gharana of Banaras. Mrs. Kajol runs the institute with full enthusiasm, and in a short span, Taal has become a renowned music institute with more than 50,000 students in India and abroad with a big team of qualified musicians sitting across the internet from around the country.

With the best team of musicians, and gurus from across the country, and taking this platform on the internet,, we are setting a benchmark in the music industry. We are proud to be the first institute in the country that solely focuses on developing music sense and taste in the kids who are willing to learn and acknowledge the power of different kinds of music. When it comes to enhancing music talents among the kids, Taal is the most appropriate place one can learn from.

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