Carnatic Vocal

Carnatic vocal is one of the oldest and richest forms of music in the world. It comprises a monophonic song based on the improvised variation. The raagas or the melody called ‘alapana’ are introduced and developed gradually. Taal – Institute of Music and Fine Aarts gives you an opportunity to learn Carnatic vocals at home. With a solid understanding of the fundamentals and constant practice, you will be able to understand and appreciate melodies and enjoy performances. These raagas are also known to put listeners in a very meditative and reflective mindset and also soothe the soul. With that, let’s look into what students typically learn.



  1. Indian Music styles/ systems: A brief introduction to the similarities and differences between carnatic and Hindustani styles/systems of music
  2. Saptha Swaras, Prakruthi and Vikruthi swaras : Brief explanation
  3. Sthaayi: MandraSthaayi, MadhyaSthaayi, TaaraSthaayi; Aarohana, Avarohana, Aadhara Shruthi
  4. Raaga: Janaka Raaga, Janya Raaga, Upaanga Raaga, Bhaashanga Raaga, Vakra Raaga
  5. Raaga Lakshana: Aarohana, Avarohana of the following Raagas, and a description of their Vikruthi


5.1. Shankaraabharana

5.2. Hamsadhwani

5.3. Kalyaani

5.4. Mohana

5.5. Abhogi

5.6. Vasantha

5.7. Kaambhoji

5.8. Sriraaga

5.9. Hindola

5.10. Bilahari

5.11. Maayaamaalavagowla

5.12. Kaamavardhini (Panthuvaraali)

5.13. Malahari

5.14. Shuddha Saaveri

5.15. Kharaharapriya

5.16. Shanmukhapriya

5.17. Kedaaragowla

5.18. Aarabhi

  1. Kaala: First, Second and Third speeds found in music compositions; Aavartha and Aksharakaala
  2. Taala: Names of Saptha Taalas, their Angaas, names of Five Jaathis and three primary components of


  1. Brief description of the following: Sarale varase, Thaarasthaayi Varase, Mandrasthaayi varase,

Daatuvarase, Jantivarase, Alankaara, Sanchaari Geetha, Jathiswara, Taanavarna, Krithi, Daasara

Keerthane, Shivasharanara vachana

  1. Brief introduction to music composers:

9.1. Basavanna

9.2. Akkamahaadevi

9.3. Purandaradaas

9.4. Kanakadaas

9.5. Thyagaraja

9.6. Muthuswamy Dikshithar

9.7. Shyamashaastry

9.8. Muthaiah Bhagavathar

10. Names of musical instruments currently in use in the Carnatic music system.

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