Hindustani Vocal

Hindustani Vocal is the classical music of North India and Taal- Institute of Music and Aarts provides a unique opportunity for every student residing anywhere to learn traditional music from the convenience of their own home. We provide a highly structured curriculum, a path of progress, along with a certificate of compilation. There are seven levels in this course, to which students have to appear for an exam and upon taking the exam, the certificate of compilation will be provided by the Gandharva University.

Now it’s the time to learn Hindustani vocals from home!



Description of Raagas in this class (Thaat, notes, time, vaadi, saunvaadi, aaroha – avaroha)

Taal: Keharwa, Dadraa, Teentaal : Use of hands to show beats of taal.


a) Knowledge of notes:

Basic notes, sing separate and in group, recognise notes. Learn Alankaars

  1. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa
  2. SaReGa, ReGaMa, GaMaPa…………SaNiDha, NiDhaPa, DhaPaMa
  3. SaReGaMa, ReGaMaPa………………SaNiDhaPa, NiDhaPaMa
  4. SaReSaReGa, ReGaReGaMa………..SaNiSaNiDha, NiDhaNiDhaPa
  5. SaGa, ReMa, GaPa, MaDha…………..SaDha, NiPa, DhaMa
  6. Sa, SaReSa, SaReGaReSa…………Sa, SaNiSa, SaNiDhaNiSa

b) Knowledge of Raagas:

1. From the following Ragaas, sing Aaroha, Avaroha Pakad (main part) and sing one full bandish each in tune and in beat. Recognise Raag from the Cluster of notes.

Durga, Kaafee, Khamaaj, Bheempalaasee, Baageshree, Bhoopaalee, Desh

2. Recognise Raag from a straight cluster of notes.

For Intermediate or Advanced Level connect with Taal – Institute for Music and Fine Aarts.