Online Guitar Classes

It can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re just starting your guitar journey. But don’t worry – Taal’s new Learning Paths have you covered! We’ve carefully curated a wide set of courses in our online guitar classes that are developed specifically for players who are brand-new to guitar. If you are going to take guitar lessons, why not learn from the finest? At Taal – Institute of Music and Fine Aarts, you can learn guitar from the best players and the best instructors! Our roster includes teachers with more than 10 years of experience.

It’s your time to join India’s best music institute in the comfort of sitting at your home!

Course Outline

Junior Level 1:

Course Outcome:

  • Getting familiar with the instrument and its parts
  • Developing finger independence and muscle memory required in playing.
  • Knowledge of basic music theory and how it applies to guitar.
  • Knowledge of major scale and its applications.
  • Reading common music notation.
  • Playing basic lead guitar techniques.
  • Playing along with a Metronome.


  • Guitar parts and definitions.
  • Beginner finger exercises (left and right hand).
  • Terms used in music.
  • Fretboard layout.
  • Understanding guitar tablature.
  • Major scales (all keys).
  • Major scale exercises.

For Intermediate or Advanced Level connect with Taal – Institute for Music and Fine Aarts.