Online Keyboard Classes

Keyboard classes can be entertaining since you have so many built-in tones to set up distinct moods. You can learn as a hobby or do grades with Taal- Institute of Music and Fine Aarts’s Online Keyboard Classes, where we have teachers who have worked in the industry and have more than 10 years of experience. The classes are based on the student’s requirements as we believe every student is unique and our teachers must devise the best possible plans to help the students grow based on their strengths and weaknesses. You can learn Keyboard at your home and become an expert with us.

Junior Level – 1

  1. All the exercises on Major Scale
  2. All the rhymes

Junior Level – 2

Major Scale Songs

Junior Level – 3

  1. Clap exercises with rhythm (page 21)
  2. Major and Minor Scale Songs with rhythm

Junior Level – 4

  • Explanation of basic notes – Total of 12 Indian and Western
  • Concept of sharp and flat
  • Concept of Tone and Semitone
  • The formula of the C Major and C Minor scale (page 13)
  • Major chords
  • Minor chords
  • Sharp chords
  • Seventh chords
  • Major and minor combinations
  • Songs with chords

For Intermediate or Advanced Level connect with Taal – Institute for Music and Fine Aarts.